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 The wonder of all libraries is its accumulation of knowledge, in which the observer applies her mind and soul. — Dr. Carolyn                    Wisdom should be sought for it’s own sake. — Lupus 


We will provide results from our EMF (Electric and magnetic fields) radiation project and other projects as they become available.


We will provide standards updates on 3GPP NR eURLLC SI (study item), NR V2X SI and UE Power Saving in NR SI as they become available.

  1. Radio Interface Standards for C-V2X 02-2019

House of Knowledge

Publications, white papers, standards and books all provide the observer with intelligent information that she build upon. Most written matter connect with each other, so that all together they form a kinship of knowledge. This transmission of knowledge from generation to generation obeys an unwritten universal law, which is to know thyself, everything is worth knowing. The practice of gathering written matter in order to know thyself, preserve culture, and improve social organization can be traced back to the Sumerians and Egyptians. Sumer and Egypt established some of the first centers of excellence in its formation by creating public and private libraries for all true seekers of knowledge.

Hepta7291 would like to continue this quest, by providing infinite intelligent information online for all those who seek knowledge. The world is vast and sometimes difficult for the observer to grasp with the human mind. Written matter in any particular field of study can be a tool to help people along the way. We wish to express great gratitude to all those whom have taken this journey with us. Our goal is to provide infinite intelligent information and publishing some of our bodies of work enable us to  make it accessible to readers all over the world at the dawn of this iconic era. (MMXX)

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